30th November, 2021

International Computer Security Day is designed to raise awareness about cyber security issues. To empower people and organizations to take ownership of their digital presence, identity, safety and security.

This year we address SME cybersecurity and talk security leadership with those managing the security agenda in organizations and industry in Africa. We dive into the dark web, considering intelligence therein from the past, present and the future.


This is a non-technical event for small businesses looking to improve their cybersecurity defenses and prevent expensive and damaging breaches.

The goal is to educate and empower those responsible for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and freelancers, on the steps they must take to protect their businesses and become more resilient in the digital world. This dedicated will give anyone practical advice and strategies to help you make immediate and significant improvements, often at no cost.

Theme: Cybersecurity First: The Mindset & Practice

11am GMT - Welcome & Intro

Cephas Okoth M.

Founder and CEO,

Cyber In Africa

11.05 am GMT - SME Cybersecurity Summit

11am GMT

  • Welcome & Intro

  • Cyber In Africa

11.05am GMT

    • Keynote: Cybersecurity First - The Mindset & Practice

    Bashir Semakula, Security Advisor & vCISO, Cyberlastic Pty

11.25am GMT

    • Talk: Managing cyber risks simply and cost effectively

    Lateef Hamza, 

    Lead, Security Engineering, CyberPlural

11.50am GMT

    • Talk: Cyber Toolkit that works, for SMEs in Africa

    Fred Wahome,

    CEO, Secunets Technologies

12.05am GMT

    • Talk: Cybersecurity is not my problem. Or is it?

    Steve Jump,

    Director, Strategist, Coach and Mentor,  Custodiet Advisory Services

12.20pm GMT

    • Panel Discussion

    All Speakers

12.45 pm GMT - Dark Web Intelligence: Past, Current and Future (Webinar)

Explore the dark web through the eyes of AI-research-powered intelligence. Resecurity Inc. CEO, Gene Yoo will take the participants on a journey through the past, present and what the future holds for security intelligence.


The global threat landscape is driven by a "shadow economy" generated by numerous Dark Web communities, underground forums and marketplaces. The $9.7 trillion global "shadow economy" is the second largest economy in the world after the United States - including cybercrime, financial crimes, weapons, drugs and human trafficking, as well as other types of illicit activities.

Dark Web is the key for bad actors, organized crime groups and nation-states collaboration to acquire the tooling and resources they need to conduct cybercrime. In the past, the majority of actors were present on various communities in TOR network, but recently began to use new digital and mobile channels to anonymize their communications preventing further tracking.

Today, Dark Web has comprised thousands of resources, and continues to revolutionize in scale and sophistication. That's why professional cybersecurity communities should stay up-to-date about it, and use proper tooling to continuously be aware of the latest trends and dynamics from the underground, making our digital world safer. The presentation will cover how Dark Web is changing and what new cybersecurity challenges we may expect in the next few years.


Reimagine Your Cybersecurity with Resecurity Inc. (www.resecurity.com)

Resecurity is a cybersecurity company that delivers a unified platform for endpoint protection, risk management, and threat intelligence for large enterprises and government agencies worldwide.

Resecurity provides intelligence, risk management and security capabilities. Our mission is to enable enterprises, national security and law enforcement agencies to combat cyber threats regardless of how sophisticated they are.

Resecurity Is Focused On Intelligence-Driven Solutions. We Invest In Big Data, Artificial Intelligence And Data Science. These Bring Unique Value In Complex Investigations Of Cybercrimes, APT Campaigns And Threat Actors.

A big part of Resecurity's work is R&D. They research the latest techniques and tradecrafts of cybercriminals and nation-state actors, and analyze massive amounts of data in order to improve their products.

They aim to revolutionize cybersecurity for organizations of all sizes, making them safer. At Resecurity they are passionate about protecting their clients.

1.45 pm GMT - InfoSec Managers Roundtable

In this Roundtable we'll explore diverse matters including management and strategy, workforce development, crisis management, infosec from the managers viewpoint, managers' professional and career journeys and more.


  Timothy Okonji, Cybersecurity Manager, Stanbic Bank Kenya

  Isaac Boye, Information Security Manager, GCNet Ghana

  Isaac Apenteng, Information Security Manager, Hubtel Accra Ghana

3pm GMT - Closing

Cephas Okoth M.

Founder and CEO,

Cyber In Africa

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